Map View
Stimulating economic recovery
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A green recovery
Improving work and welfare
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Insecure work and the gig economy
Rebuilding public services
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Strengthening international cooperation
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Trade after Brexit, International debt and economic recovery, COP26 Summit
Acting on the climate and environmental emergency
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Green finance, Green New Deal, Sustainability and resilience, COP26 Summit
Tackling the risk of future pandemics
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Better medicines
Driving down inequalities
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Gender inequality, Racial inequality and migration
Modernising the tax system
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Reshaping the economy
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Stronger local economies, Housing and land reform, Stakeholder banks
Rethinking finance
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Financial regulation, Financial taxes, Private debt
Repurposing business
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Changing the paradigm
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The growth debate

Building a better economy will require policy reforms and new practices in a range of areas. We have organised these into twelve challenges, grouped under three broad themes: Recovery, Resilience and Renewal. The challenges are listed in both the Map and Index Views.

For each challenge there is a principal page outlining the key issues, with links to some of the most interesting and important reports and articles in each area. Some issues are then discussed in more detail in additional ‘In Depth’ pages. (The complete set of In Depth pages are listed in the Index View.)

Each page has a list of contents to help you find the information you’re looking for. You can also use the search function on this page and in the navigation bar above.

When you click on a link to an external resource it will open in a new window, so you can always return to the page you were on. You can bookmark the pages of most interest to you to return to later.

New Economy Brief welcomes suggestions for issues we could cover and material we can include. Please use this form.

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